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Monday, February 25, 2013

God's Hands


The song posted above entitled, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, was written by Thomas A. Dorsey in 1932, after the heartbreaking news that his wife and newly born son had both died. He cried to the Lord to "lead him through the storm, through the night." A few weeks after this tragic event, Dorsey fingered the keyboard of a piano and created the lines of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand." God continued to lead Dorsey by the hand until he had written more than two hundred fifty gospel songs.  
“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…” Isaiah 49:16a 

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you." Isaiah 41:13 

Today is in God's hands and so are you.
His hands are strong and will uphold you;
His hands are great and will enfold you;
His hands are gentle and will embrace you;
His hands are protective and will cover you;
His hands are reassuring and will quiet you;
His hands are powerful and will defend you;
His hands are parental and will train you;
His hands are masterful and will conform you;
His hands are compassionate and will care for you;
His hands are healing and will renew you;
His hands are calming and will comfort you;
His hands are giving and will bless you.
The hands that hold you will never let you go. 

*Roy Lessin, DaySpring co-founder and writer 

PRAYER: Father God, how wonderful to know that Your hands are always there reaching down to us. Thank You for leading us through our storms of life. Please linger near us and be our comfort and peace throughout each day. I pray this in His name, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.