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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"Never be ashamed of the scars that life has left you with.  A scar means that the hurt is over, the wound is closed,  you endured the pain, and God has healed you."  Anonymous

The above thought came from a friend's Facebook page.  I am so thankful that we serve a mighty God who heals our wounds, hears and answers our prayers, and then patiently and lovingly works to conform us to be  more like Jesus.  We will always be a work in progress. What a wonderful thing it is to know that helping us to go forward instead of backward is His specialty!  

Below are words to an old hymn called "Jesus Paid It All." The words have great meaning for those who have been picked up, dusted off, and made clean through the shed blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus  Paid It All

Gone is all my debt of sin,
A great change is brought within,
And to live, I now begin,
Risen from the fall;

Yet the debt I did not pay,
Someone died for me one day,
Sweeping all the debt away,
Jesus paid it all.

Jesus died and paid it all,
Yes, on the cross of Calvary,
And my stony heart was melted
At His dying, dying call.
O, His heart in shame was broken,
On the tree for you and me,
And the debt, the debt is cancelled,
Jesus paid it, paid it all.

M.S. Schaffer, Copyright, 1944, Stamps-Baxter Music.

Prayer:  Father, God, thank you for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Jesus, for dying for our sins, for we never have nor will we ever deserve such love.  May we serve and honor You all the days of our lives in gratitude for what You did for us on the cross.  Give us strength and wisdom to always represent you well while we are here on earth.  Thank you for loving us.  It is in Your name that we pray.  Amen.

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