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Thursday, December 22, 2011

God's Love Reaching

Gloria Gaither author, songwriter, and composer so eloquently expresses God’s incomprehensible love for mankind as He reached out to us through the birth of a baby named Jesus—His own Son, and Savior of the world. I hope that you will be blessed by the words below:
His Love……………Reaching
“Right from the beginning God’s love has reached, and from the beginning man has refused to understand.  But love went on reaching, offering itself.  Love offered the eternal….we wanted the immediate.  Love offered deep joy….we wanted thrills.  Love offered freedom….we wanted license.  Love offered communion with God Himself….we wanted to worship at the shrine of our own minds.  Love offered peace….we wanted approval for our wars.  Even yet, love went on reaching.  And still today, after two thousand years, patiently, lovingly, Christ is reaching out to us--right through the chaos of our world, through the confusion of our minds.  He is reaching….longing to share with us….the very being of God.
Today, His love is reaching right past the shackles of my mind. The Word of the Father became Mary’s little Son.  And His love reaches all the way to where I am.”  Gloria Gaither.
What a comfort and joy to know that God still waits and longs for every person on earth to personally share in relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus; that even today, God’s unconditional love continues to reach down to us right where we are, scars and flaws included.  He is in the business of changing hearts and lives. That's why He came. There is no greater love than this.
May each of you be blessed this Christmas season with God's love, peace, and joy.  May your hearts be light and your love for one another be generous.  Merry Christmas!!
Prayer:  Dear Father, it is sometimes almost impossible for us to comprehend Your great love for us, because we realize that we are not worthy of that love.  How wonderful to know that You see us differently than we see ourselves. Thank You for never giving up on us. Thank You for reaching out to us through the love of Your Son, Jesus.  We celebrate His birth in thankfulness for what He did for us on the cross and with a greater desire to follow Him all the days of our lives.  We pray this in His name—Jesus, the Name above all names.  Amen.

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