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Friday, July 1, 2011

My Psalm of God's Mercy

In February 2009, the discussion leader of my BSF Bible Study class suggested that each participant write a Psalm at some point during the coming week.  We could formulate this Psalm in any way we chose, as long as it was a personal conversation with God, expressing our love and thankfulness to Him.  Below is the Psalm that I wrote. It is my desire to share it with you, my blog readers.  You are the first to read it, as it has been sitting among my study materials for over two years.  As does all of my writing, these words came straight from my heart out of gratefulness for what God has done for me through His Son, Jesus Christ—my Lord and Savior.
Psalm of God’s Mercy
LORD, Your love and mercy surround me!
Each day my strength comes from You!
I call on You and You hear my plea,
I speak Your name and You bring life to me.
My hope is in You.

You are my God; there is no other!
I will trust You all of my days.
My lips will continually praise You.
Because of Your great love and mercy
I shall ever praise You.

You dwell continually in my heart and mind.
Your praise is on my lips and in my heart.
How I praise You for Your mercy and forgiveness!
How I praise You for Your grace, guidance, and joy!
How I praise You for Your love!

Throughout the day, my thoughts turn to Your love for me;
It is a love that You gave me when least deserved;
It is a personal love like no other.
It is a love made possible by Your son, Jesus.
It is a love You gave freely to all who will receive.

Jesus, You are the light of the world,
In whom there is no darkness.
Jesus, You are the hope of the world,
In You there is eternal life.
Jesus, You are the Light of my life.

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