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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By and By

Today, I ran across the old hymn entitled “When Morning Comes.”  This song is included in a hymnal called Favorite Songs and Hymns which was published in 1939.  During the years of my childhood, quite often my dad would sit down at the piano with this hymnal and begin playing.  After a bit of a “warm up”, he would ask my mother, my brothers, and myself to join him for a time of singing some of the great gospel hymns from this book.  Needless to say, these sweet memories are very special to me.

The song, "When Morning Comes" also took me back to the little country church we attended when I was a child.  On an annual basis, the church sponsored an event called “all day singing and dinner on the ground.”  "Dinner" was really lunch!  To this day, I remember the delicious food! My mother’s fried chicken never lasted long, nor did the wonderful banana pudding brought by another church member.  I simply could not wait to consume this heavenly manna and my mouth watered all the way to the church just thinking about it!  After the outdoor meal, everyone would gather inside the church again, usually with the men sitting on one side of the church and the women and children on the other.  Then for a few hours, we would do nothing but sing.  I can still hear the men with their rich baritone and deep bass voices, and the women singing soprano and alto to compliment the others.  I suspect that we children sang and made a "joyful noise unto the Lord."  Perhaps God was smiling down upon this little "choir" of country people at that very moment.  According to the verse of scripture found in Zephaniah 3:17, I am thinking that He was also singing along with us!!

The words to “When Morning Comes”  serve as a reminder to us that God is always with us to bring comfort when we face trials and sorrows in our lives. Sometimes we do not understand why bad things happen to us and our loved ones, but we can take comfort in the fact that God knows the reason.  If God brings us to it, He will take us through it.  Whatever happens, God still loves us. He will give us strength and courage to face the trials of this life and an unyielding confidence of the life to come, when we will see Jesus face to face.  If you have never heard the song, simply let the words sink into your heart.  Be assured that we will understand it better by and by. 

When Morning Comes

Trials dark on every hand
And we cannot understand
All the ways that God will lead us
to that blessed promised land:
But He’ll guide us with his eye
And we’ll follow till we die
We will understand it better
By and By.

Temptations, hidden snares
Often take us unawares,
And our hearts are made to bleed
For each thoughtless word or deed:
And we wonder why the test,
When we try to do our best,
But will understand it better
By and By.


By and by
When the morning comes
All the saints of God
Are gathering home
We will tell the story
How we’ve overcome
We will understand it better
By and By.

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